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Arnab Goswami Biography

Arnav goswami He is a famous journalist. their birth 9 October 1973 in Assam Guwahati was born in the district. His father’s name entertainment goswami He is a retired colonel who is also interested in politics. their mother’s name good morning goswami Huh . He has a sister who is in the Indian Defense Service. When he was in college, he met a girl and both of them started liking each other and soon both of them got married. He also has a son. Arnav has always been very fond of reading books.

Arnav Goswami Republic As well as the President of the Broadcasting Association. This is your Interviews ways of taking and bluntly Comments are known for. Be it big actors or politicians, all of them Show going into Interview want to give . His favorite politicians are Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Narendra Modi. Even after being in journalism, his name is famous in India.

Lifestyle of Arnav Goswami

Arnav Goswami’s father was an army worker, due to which he used to go to different places, so Arnav has been educated in different schools. He did his secondary education from St. Mary’s School, Delhi. After this he studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jabalpur. in Sociology from Delhi University BA received that degree. 1995 He started his journalism in 2015 In Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Key 140 It was the anniversary in which Arnav Goswami is the first journalist to ring the Bombay Stock Exchange hour.

Interest in journalism

Arnav Goswami started journalism 1995 In The Telegraph Arnav had a lot of love for journalism, first he worked in Kolkata’s English newspaper, but could not work in Kolkata for long and came to Delhi and started his career after coming to Delhi. NDTV I did journalism. He is on Delhi Metro News Also anchored in heard program. a few days later he NDTV also left. 2006 I have Times Now In Chief Editor worked as Arnav Goswami has also hosted the nightly news hour where he has met big personalities. Along with this, he has also done special interview program. Worked in many programs but did not stay anywhere for long. then they Republic TV Started working and still doing it. Arnav Goswami has worked for big personalities like Benazir Bhutto, Hamida Karzai, Dalai Lama, Hillary Clinton, Interview is for. Arnav’s most important coverage was 26/11 of the Mumbai bombings where he 65 hours Non-stop anchoring. No one has done such anchoring till date. 2015 When I was going somewhere, he saw that a businessman was going very fast, so he informed the police and that businessman was caught. Due to journalism, he put many of his ideas in front of the people, but due to this he also had to face many controversies.

Honor of Arnav Goswami

* 2008 In his name Ramnath Goenka Award.

* 2012 He was given the NDA Award in

* 2004 He was given the Asia Award for Best News and Anchor in 2008.

* 8 December 2019 He was made the President of the News Broadcasting Federation.

of Arnav Goswami social media but millions Followers Even after being, they are always very active. Arnav Goswami took the first interview of Indira Gandhi. Arnav Goswami has also written two books Combating Terrorism handjob The Legal Challenge . People like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking their interview because they ask any question without looking at the script and stop speaking to the front. All their questions are related to the same person. People are so crazy about Arnav Goswami that if any of his videos are uploaded, then many people watch it in some time.


Arnav Goswami recently 4 November 2020 was arrested by the Maharashtra Police as he is accused of murder two years ago. these Concord design private limited There is a case of murder of Managing Director of Anvay Naik. The police did not find any evidence in this regard, without any evidence, the police had arrested only on the basis of suspicion. A suicide note was found from an interior designer’s house in which Goswami has blamed his wife and two others for his death. 2020 In Maharashtra, Home Minister Anil Deshmukh instructed to re-investigate this case. But the question is why the case which was closed had to be opened again. It all started since Arnav Goswami called the suicide of actor Sushant Singh a murder and constantly talking on his channel about the murder of sadhus and Riya Chakraborty’s case. Arnav Goswami used to show all this news on his channel and make new revelations every day and all this was not liked by Maharashtra Police. How the Maharashtra Police was trying to put Arnav Goswami in jail. Therefore BARC Of TRP Arnav Goswami was implicated in the scam. And demanding action by taking the name of Arnav Goswami’s channel in front of the media. And not only this, the case of Anil Deshmukh was reopened and Arnav Goswami was arrested.

Section of the Indian Code against Arnav Goswami and his wife 353 obstructing the work of a Government servant under 504 Knowing to disturb the peace, insulting someone, 506 Criminally threatening or intimidating. And a case has been registered for causing damage to public property. And 49 One-year-old police officer Sujata Tanawade alleges that Arnav Goswami’s wife and son thrashed her.

Arnav Goswami has been released on the orders of the Supreme Court, but even after his release from jail, his difficulties are not less, he already has many cases registered against him, due to which he can be arrested anytime. This is the first time in the country that a journalist has been arrested for questioning the government. A case has also been registered against the journalist and his family members for questioning the government.

Some unheard things

* Arnav Goswami wrote his first book 2002 was written in

* He gives his tribute to the late Bhupen Hazarika, a singer from Assam. Ideal admit.

* Arnav Goswami’s father contested the 1998 general election from Guwahati on behalf of the BJP and lost to Congress candidate Bhubaneshwar Kalita.

Arnab Goswami’s grandfather Rajinikanth Goswami was a lawyer and also a Congress leader. And Arnav Goswami’s maternal grandfather Gauri Shankar Bhattacharya was one of the workers of the Samajwadi Party of Assam.

* Arnav’s grandmother was also in politics .

Arnav Goswami’s income

* Arnav Goswami’s annual income 1.5 million Dollar Is .

* their monthly salary 1 Ten million rupees More than .

* Arnav Goswami’s annual earnings 2 million American Dollar More than .

* Arnav Goswami is a reputed name in media who earns in INR per annum 12 Ten million earns.

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