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Biography of Ajit Doval

India’s “James bond“There is only one person known by the name”Ajit Lion doval‘|

Ajit Kumar Doval is the fifth and current National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister of India. Ajit Singh Doval previously served a decade as the chief of an operations wing (2004-2005) Ajit Doval after spending intelligence Bureau (IB) served as the Director. Also regarded as an important figure in the Revocation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. Ajit Kumar Doval is also a retired member of the Indian Police Service.

Ajit Doval He spent most of his life spying in the intelligence department. Ajit Doval He has played a leading role on India’s security issues several times in his career. Ajit Kumar Doval also played an important role in the surgical strikes in the past and in the recent Indian Air Force air strikes on Pakistani terrorists.

Birth, Education and Early Life of Ajit Doval

Birth of Ajit Kumar Doval 29 January [1945, in Pauri Garhwal in the Garhwali family in the erstwhile United Provinces of Uttarakhand Mountain banselune Was born in the village | Ajit Doval’s father’s name was Major Yes.n. doval Who was an officer in the Indian Army. Ajit Doval He had his early education at Ajmer Military School (formerly known as King George’s Royal Indian Military School) in Ajmer, Rajasthan. by Ajit Doval 1967 I received a Masters in Economics degree from Agra University. After completing his studies, Ajit Doval thought of becoming an IAS and had made up his mind to serve the country. Ajit Doval’s selection year after a full year of hard work 1968 Was in Kerala IPS batch and for the next four years did many things in the interest of the country. by Ajit Doval 2 January 1972 From 9 June 1972 Till , had worked in Thalassery Kerala. Thalassery Riot, 28 December 1971 was started in Kerala whose duty was entrusted to Doval. Immediately after reaching Thalassery, Ajit Doval’s priority was to take back the properties looted by the rioters. Ajit Doval worked in Thalassery for five months and later Ajit Doval joined the Central Service.

Year 1972 Ajit Singh Doval in intelligence Bureau Joining the Intelligence Bureau and staying in the Intelligence Bureau, Ajit Doval started working as an intelligence spy and while working, Ajit Doval had given many information to the country. Ajit Doval had spied for the country in many different countries, out of which Ajit Doval’s spying in Pakistan still creates enthusiasm among the youth in the country. January 2005 In 2000, Ajit Doval lived in Lahore, Pakistan. Lived as a Muslim for seven years. During his years in the country Pakistan, Ajit Doval made friends with local people who went to mosques and lived among the predominantly Muslim population. Ajit Doval was one of the three negotiators who 1999 in Kandahar IC-814 Had negotiated for the release of the passengers from the hijackers. In particular, Ajit Doval 1971 From 1999 Till all of Indian Airlines 15 There is also experience involved in the elimination of hijacked planes. At the Intelligence Bureau Headquarters, Ajit Doval headed the operations wing of the IB for over a decade and multi agency center (MAC) was also the founding chairman, as well as intelligence Task force on intelligence (JTFI) was the President.

Ajit Doval also played an intelligence role for the merger of Sikkim with India. Ajit Doval was appointed as India’s third National Security Adviser MK. for a brief period in counter-terrorism work. Narayanan was trained under Ajit Doval Indian Airlines IC-814 He was also part of the team sent to Kandahar for the release of the passengers. Ajit Doval had also served as the Additional Director and Special Director of the Intelligence Bureau and later Ajit Doval was appointed as the Director of the Intelligence Bureau.

In January 2005, Ajit Doval retired as Director, Intelligence Bureau. December 2009 In 2006, Ajit Doval became the founder of the Vivekananda International Foundation. Ajit Doval has always been actively involved in the discourse on national security in India. Ajit Doval has written editorial pieces for many leading newspapers and magazines. Ajit Doval has worked for many eminent government and non-government institutions and security in India and abroad. thinktank (Think-Tanks) has also delivered lectures on India’s security challenges and foreign policy objectives. In recent years, he has given guest lectures on strategic issues at IISS, London, Capitol Hill, Washington DC, Australia-India Institute, University of Melbourne, National Defense College, New Delhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. Ajit Doval has also spoken internationally at global events, citing the ever-increasing need for collaboration between the world’s major established and emerging powers.
30 May 2014, Ajit Doval of India fifth National the protection Consultant was appointed as June 2014 In this, Ajit Doval 46 He was instrumental in ensuring the safe return of Indian nurses who were stuck in a hospital in Tikrit, Iraq. Ajit Doval under a top secret mission 25 June 2014 flew to Iraq to understand the situation on the ground and to make high-level contacts in the Iraqi government. 5 July 2014, ISIL terrorists handed over the nurses to Kurdish authorities in Erbil city and a specially arranged Air India plane by the Indian government brought them back home to Kochi.

18 September 2016 by four heavily armed terrorists Uri Army base (Uri Army Base) was attacked in which 19 soldiers were martyred. 29 September 2016 To, India announced that it has “against terrorist launch pads across the Line of Control in Pakistani-administered Kashmir”.surgical strike(Surgical Strike), which was led by Ajit Doval along with the Prime Minister and the Army Chief. The credit for this surgical strike is still given to Ajit Doval. 27 February 2019 In India, India did another strike which was an air strike and the credit is also given to Ajit Doval. During this air strike, a pilot of India was caught by the Pakistan Army in an accident with his plane in Pakistan, but Ajit Doval got that pilot done legally and after talking to Pakistan had also brought that pilot back to India. 3 June 2019to Ajit Doval 5 years Re-appointed as NSA for

Achievements of Ajit Doval

Ajit Doval’s achievements seem too small in front of his sharp mind. Ajit Doval has spent his lifetime in the security of the country. He has many splendid achievements in the excellent service of Ajit Doval till now.

Some of the major achievements of Ajit Kumar Doval:

  • Ajit Doval was the youngest police officer to receive the Police Medal for Meritorious Service.
  • Ajit Doval was given the award only after six years in the police force.
  • Ajit Doval was also awarded the President’s Police Medal.
  • 1988 In 2011, Ajit Doval was awarded the Kirti Chakra, one of the highest gallantry awards, becoming the first police officer to receive a medal given as a military honour.
  • December 2017 in, Agra University and May 2018 Ajit Doval was awarded a standard doctorate degree in science and literature from Kumaon University in 2006 for his contribution in the field of strategic and security matters.
  • November to Ajit Doval 2018 In 2015, was also awarded a standard doctorate degree in Philosophy by Amity University.

Ajit Doval married life

Year 1972 Ajit Singh Doval got married to Aruni (Anu) Doval. Ajit Doval and Anu Doval have two sons, whose name is Shaurya Doval who is a diplomat and the name of the second son is Vivek Doval who is an authorized financial analyst.

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