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biography of gautam buddha

gautam Buddha real name of Siddhartha gautam Was. their birth 563 e His father’s name was born in Naresh Sidhodhan was and mother’s name Mahamaya (Mahadevi) was His mother died seven days after his birth, so he was raised by his aunt and Sidhodhan’s second queen, Gautami. Siddhartha’s nature was compassionate and serious since childhood. Even after growing up, there was no change in his nature. their father married them Yashodhara Made it to a girl named He had a son named A male name Kept . One day he took permission from his father to tour the city and left. While traveling he met many people in the city and he kept asking the charioteer about everything. The feelings of greed, hatred, jealousy were filled in the human beings. Seeing all this had a very deep effect on his mind. Seeing all this, his mind moved away from worldly pleasures and he decided that he would give up these worldly pleasures and sorrows and would give up his royal family and perform severe penance in the forest. After that he went to the forest and started doing penance. Due to continuous fasting for a long time, his body became very weak, but he did not get peace and he started wandering in despair.

He kept on roaming and finally he went to a place in Bihar where he sat under a tree and started meditating and soon after reaching there he attained enlightenment as well as attained inner peace. From then on his name became Buddha and people worshiped that tree. bodhi tree began to know by name. The teachings of Mahatma Buddha were simple and straightforward. They used to say that this whole world is full of sorrows. That is why everyone should meditate because through meditation the evils of human beings can be eliminated.

Education –

Buddha laid the foundation of Buddhism on the basis of education. Siddhartha received education from Guru Vishwamitra, he received knowledge about the Vedas and Upanishads from him. Siddhartha was expert in horse racing, arrow command, chariot driving.

thoughts of Buddha –

* The time that has passed never comes back. We always think that if not today then tomorrow we will work, why do not we understand that it is good only if any work is done on time.

* They say that the way a candle has to be lit by us, it does not burn itself. Therefore it is necessary for a person to have spiritual knowledge.

* He used to say that why worry about what has passed, and it is wrong to be worried about what has not happened yet, about which one is not aware, just pay attention to what is in front.

* They say that learn to care about time because time does not give chance again and again.

* The time that passes does not come back.

* As we keep thinking, there we will become.

* Man’s mind is his enemy because his mind takes him on the wrong path.

In the beginning of penance, Siddhartha ate only sesame and rice and slowly continued to do penance without eating anything. Even after doing penance for six years, the penance was not completed. One day some women came out from there. And she was singing a song whose lyrics were such that ” harp Of wiring To Loose Do not leave, Loose leave to give From melodious Vocal No will come out And them This much Too No pull That these break go “. Siddhartha liked this thing, he agreed that only fasting would be successful in penance. From then on he started fasting penance. 80 At the age of year, Buddhism propagated religion in simple language before Sanskrit. According to Hinduism, Buddhism is considered an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

unheard things

On the request of the monks to Lord Buddha, he promised that he would come again on earth by taking birth but 2500 More than a year has passed. But it is said that many times he tried to incarnate but it was not possible. Then finally Osho Rajneesh ordered Buddha to come in his body. Osho used to give discourses in the name of Zorba Buddha. But at the last moment his words were – app Dipo Bhava: …. Honorable. Means be your own lamp and remember that you are also a Buddha.

* Buddha’s gurus were Vishwamitra, Alara, Kalam, Uddaka Ramaputta. But Buddha had ten disciples – Ananda, Aniruddha, Mahakashyapa, Rani Khema, Mahaprajapati, Bhadrika, Bhrigu, Kimbal, Devadatta, and Upali.

* The number of monks in the propagation of the Buddha was very large, so the Buddhist Sangh was established. Women were allowed to join the Buddhist sangha.

* It is believed that most of the discourses in the world belong to Buddha, because there is no such discourse as Buddha used to give and the way he used to explain it.

There is no place in the world where Buddhist monks have not visited. Buddha statues have come out in the excavation of every area around the world. The record for the largest number of statues is in the name of the Buddhist.

Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment

On the full moon day of Vaishakh, Siddhartha was meditating under a banyan tree. A woman named Sujata lived in the same village who had wished for her son from the same banyan tree and her wish was fulfilled. As soon as the wish was fulfilled, the woman brought kheer made from cow’s milk in a golden plate under that banyan tree to fulfill her vow. He saw Siddhartha under the banyan tree and presented a plate of kheer to Siddharth and said that just as this banyan tree fulfilled my wish, so that your wish may also be fulfilled. After saying this, the woman left from there. On the same night, a spiritual practice became successful as soon as Siddhartha meditated and he attained true enlightenment, hence his name Gautam Buddha and the tree under which he attained enlightenment came to be known as Bodhi tree.

80 At the age of one year, he had his last meal offered by a blacksmith named Kunda, which was eaten by Gautam Buddha and Gautam Buddha’s health deteriorated by eating the same food, but as soon as Kunda got sick due to Gautam Buddha’s illness. When I came to know about it, I was very embarrassed, but Gautam Buddha sent a message to the kunda through his disciple that swivel you should not be disturbed because it is not your fault in this, the food given by you to me is incomparable.

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Mahatma Buddha always preached the religion of age. 80 The year he died. He will always be immortal even after death. Even today many people worship him like God.

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