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Sunita Williams’ full name is Sunita Lynn Williams, an Indian-American astronaut and a United States Navy officer. Sunita Williams is the seventh woman in the world and the second woman of Indian origin who walked in space, which is called Spacewalk in English. Sunita Williams has Did a space walk for 50 hours and 40 minutes, which is the longest space walk time ever made by a woman. Sunita Williams has completed the journey of 195 days in space. Sunita Williams was sent to the International Space Station as a member of Expedition 14 and Expedition 15. In 2012, Sunita Williams served as a flight engineer in Expedition 32 and as a commander in Expedition 33.

Biography of Sunita Williams

Birth, Education and Early Life of Sunita Williams

Sunita Williams was born on September 19, 1965, in Euclid, Ohio, United States (US) happened in Sunita Williams was born in an Indian American family. Sunita Williams’ father’s name is Dr. Deepak Pandya who was a neuroanatomist and Sunita’s mother’s name is Ursuline Boney Pandya. In the year 1964, Sunita’s father Dr. Deepak Pandya had come from India to live in America. Sunita’s father belongs to Mehsana district in Gujarat, India. Sunita Williams has a brother named Jay Thomas and a sister named Dina Annadaj. Sunita is the youngest of the three.

Sunita Williams did her schooling from Needham High School in Massachusetts. | Sunita Williams received a Bachelor of Science degree in physical science from the United States Naval Academy in 1987 and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering management from the Florida Institute of Technology in 1995. was |

In May 1987, Sunita Williams was commissioned into the United States Navy and after six months of temporary work at Naval Coastal System Command, Sunita Williams was designated as Basic Diving Officer. Sunita Williams then reported to Naval Air Training Command, where Sunita Williams was designated as a Naval Aviator in July 1989. Sunita Williams began initial H-46 Sea knight training in Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 3 (HC-3) and was then assigned to Helicopter Combat Support Squadron 8 (HC-8) in Norfolk, Virginia. With Sunita Williams overseas deployment was made in the Mediterranean, Red Sea.

In September 1992, she sent H-46s to Miami, Florida for Hurricane Andrew relief operations aboard the USS Sylvania. (H-46) Was also an officer of the detachment. In January 1993, Sunita Williams began training at the US Navy Test Pilot School and graduated in December. T-2 to Sunita Williams (T-2)Was made H-46 Project Officer in the U.S. and Sunita worked in Rotary Wing Aircraft Test Directorate as a V-22 (V-22) chase pilot. Later, Sunita Williams was appointed as Squadron Security Officer. SH-60B/F, UH-1, AH-1W, SH-2, VH-3, H-46, CH-53, HH and H-57 were also flown by Sunita.

In December 1995, Sunita Williams was appointed to the Naval Test Pilot School as an instructor in the Rotary Wing Department and as the school’s security officer. There Sunita Williams flew UH-60, OH-6 and OH-58, after which she was sent to the USS Saipan as an aircraft operator and assistant air boss. Sunita Williams was posted to Saipan in June 1998.

Sunita Williams was selected by NASA for the Astronaut Program. Sunita Williams has flown over 3,000 hours in over 30 different aircraft types. Sunita Williams began her astronaut candidate training at the Johnson Space Center in August 1998. Sunita Williams was launched to the International Space Station (ISS) with STS-116 aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on 9 December 2006 to join the crew of Expedition 14. Sunita Williams arranged to don her braid after the launch. Sunita Williams’ fellow astronaut Joan Higginbotham cut Sunita Williams’ hair aboard the International Space Station and the hair was brought back to Earth by the STS-116 crew.

On 31 January, 4 February and 9 February 2007, Sunita Williams along with Michael L√≥pez-Alegria completed three spacewalks from the International Space Station (ISS). During Sunita Williams’ space walk, a camera went uncontrollable and the camera was lost somewhere in space before Sunita Williams could react. Sunita Williams completed three space walks in nine days, for which Sunita spent 6 hours 40 minutes outside the station.

Sunita Williams took 29 hours and 17 minutes to complete four space walks. Sunita Williams set a new record, surpassing the record held by Katherine C. Thornton for the most space walk times by a woman. On 26 April 2007, NASA decided to bring Sunita Williams back to Earth on the STS-117 mission in Atlantis. Sunita Williams broke the record for the longest solo spaceflight by a woman. Sunita Williams served as a mission specialist and on 22 June 2007, STS-117 returned to Earth at the end of the mission.

Bad weather at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral prompted mission managers to abandon three landing attempts in a 24-hour period, after which Sunita Williams sent Atlantis to Edwards Air Force Base in California where the shuttle departed at 3:49 pm. Sunita Williams had come down to earth at this time. Sunita Williams returned to her home after making a record 192-day stay in space. On April 16, 2007, Sunita Williams ran the first marathon run by anyone in space. Sunita Williams was listed as the entrant of the 2007 Boston Marathon and Sunita Williams covered the distance in four hours and 24 minutes. In 2008, Sunita Williams again participated in the Boston Marathon.
Sunita Williams was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on 15 July 2012 as part of Expedition 32/33.

On 17 September 2012, Sunita Williams became the commander of the International Space Station, the second woman to achieve this feat. Sunita Williams used her treadmill and stationary bike from the International Space Station, and for the preparation portion of the race, Sunita Williams used the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) to do weightlifting and resistance exercises. As of August 2012, Sunita Williams had done a total of seven spacewalks in 50 hours and 40 minutes. Sunita Williams was included in the list of most experienced astronauts, placing her at the eleventh position. On August 30, 2012, Williams and JAXA astronaut Hoshide ventured outside the ISS to conduct US EVA-18. They removed and replaced the Main Bus Switching Unit-1 (MBSU-1), and installed a thermal cover on the Pressurized Mating Adapter (PMA-2).

In July 2015, NASA announced Sunita Williams as one of the first astronauts in the US for commercial spaceflight.
In May 2020, Sunita Williams addressed over 500,000 Indian and other international students in the United States as a student at the Student Hub of India during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. , was held in Washington, DC.

Achievements of Sunita Williams

Sunita Williams has not only illuminated her name in the world, but Sunita Williams has also made a name for herself in space. Some of the major achievements of Sunita Williams are-

  • Navy Commendation Medal
  • Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
  • Humanitarian Service Medal
  • In September 2007, Sunita Williams was awarded the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vishwa Pratibha Puraskar by the World Gujarati Society.
  • Padma Bhushan, Government of India (June 25, 2008)
  • NASA Space Flight Medal Medal “For Merit in Space Exploration”, Government of Russia (2011)
  • Honorary Doctorate, Gujarat Technological University (2013) Golden Order of Merits, Government of Slovenia (May 20, 2013)
  • On 7 June 2017, the Needham Schools Committee unanimously named the city’s new primary school after Sunita L. Williams Elementary School.

marital life of sunita williams

Sunita Williams is married to Michael J Williams, a federal police officer in Oregon.

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