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Introduction of Phoolan Devi

bandit queen“Only one name comes to our mind when we hear the name”flowering Goddess“| Phoolan Devi was a bandit as well as an Indian women’s rights activist and politician of the Samajwadi Party, who later served as a Member of Parliament. It is believed that being born in a small caste became a curse for Phoolan Devi. Phoolan Devi never let the injustice done to her become her defeat and she showed courage and took revenge for her crimes. It is said that Phoolan Devi avenged her atrocities in such a way that people started looking at Phoolan Devi with respect.

Birth, Education and Early Life of Phoolan Devi

Birth of Phoolan Devi 10 August 1963, of Uttar Pradesh Jalaun of the district Ghura Ka Purva (which is also known as Gorha ka Purva) was born in a small village. Birth of Phoolan Devi Sailor (sailor) caste. Phoolan Devi was the fourth and youngest child of her parents born in a poor family. Phoolan Devi’s father’s name Devi Deen Mallah Who was a farmer by profession and Phoolan’s mother’s name was Moola was | Till they grew up, only Phoolan Devi and her elder sister were able to survive among the children. The entire family of Phoolan Devi had just one acre of land, between which there was a big neem tree. When Phoolan was eleven years old, her grandparents died after which Phoolan’s uncle became the head of Phoolan’s household. Phoolan’s uncle said that the neem tree in the middle of the field should be cut so that cultivation can be done at that place and everyone except Phoolan Devi agreed with this. When Phoolan’s uncle’s son Maya Deen was going to cut the neem tree, Phoolan abused him a lot and an argument broke out between them. This courage of Phoolan Devi was not liked by anyone, due to which she was married in the same year to a man three times as old as Phoolan Devi. After marriage, Phoolan Devi’s husband started torturing her a lot, one of which was physical abuse. Due to child marriage and such childhood, Phoolan Devi could not have any formal education. Due to these atrocities, Phoolan Devi decided to run away from the house, after which Phoolan Devi came to her house, but the family members also showed Phoolan the face of humiliation.

One day he came face to face with his brother Maya Deen who still wanted to take revenge on Phoolan and out of revenge, Maya Deen filed a report of theft against Phoolan Devi at the nearby police station. Due to which Phoolan Devi had to spend three days in jail and that too the policemen had physically abused Phoolan Devi many times and intimidated Phoolan Devi was sent back home where preparations were made to send Phoolan back to her in-laws’ house. was going At first, Phoolan’s in-laws refused to take Phoolan Devi back but after paying the money, they agreed and Phoolan went back to her in-laws’ house. When Phoolan went back to her in-laws’ house, her husband Puttilal used to beat her a lot and forcibly tried to have physical relationship. After suffering for a few days, Phoolan Devi sixteen She again ran away from her in-laws’ house at the age of one year but this time Phulan did not go to her maternal home, but this time Phoolan Devi had joined the bandits where Phoolan was physically abused by the chieftain of the bandits, but a robber Phoolan was killed in that group. began to like

One day, while being exploited by Phoolan, that robber killed the Sardar and Phoolan and those robbers started spending time with each other. Phoolan’s lover was killed in a shootout and took Phoolan away where Phoolan was once again subjected to mass physical abuse. One day a village man came to Phulan and took him away. Phoolan once again joined a group of dacoits, Phoolan became the first female dacoit of that group. Due to Phoolan’s courage and courage, Phoolan Devi’s name was started among the bandits. Slowly, Phoolan Devi started taking revenge for the atrocities and exploitation done on her. The biggest massacre of Phoolan Devi was that Phoolan Devi had put twenty two Rajputs of the same village in a line and roasted them with bullets. Phoolan Devi also shot many police personnel who had raped Phoolan. After all this, Phoolan Devi was worshiped like a goddess because Phoolan Devi had massacred the Rajputs for her honor. Phoolan Devi started getting scared and Phoolan’s name started being counted among the big bandits. Year 1983 The rest of the gang members of Phoolan Devi had surrendered before the police.

on Phoolan Devi 48 He was charged with crimes many of which included murders, robbery, ransom and kidnapping. Phoolan Devi was sentenced to a long jail term for all these charges.

11 After spending years in jail, Phoolan Devi 1994 When Mulayam Singh ji’s government came in I, Phoolan Devi was acquitted of all the charges against him and Phoolan Devi came out of jail. From here Phoolan Devi’s political journey started. 1995 In 2011, a year after Phoolan Devi’s release, Phoolan was invited by Dr. Ramdas (founder of Pattali Makkal Katchi) to attend a conference on prohibition and female obscenity. Phoolan Devi twice as a candidate of Samajwadi Party, elected member of Lok Sabha from Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh. Phoolan Devi served as an MP during the tenure of Lok Sabha. 15 February 1995 Ko Phoolan Devi and her husband Umaid Singh had converted to Buddhism at the famous Buddhist site Deekshabhoomi. Year nineteen ninety eight Phoolan Devi lost her seat in the elections of 1999 Phoolan Devi was re-elected in the 2014 elections and was a member of the Parliament of Mirzapur.

Achievements of Phoolan Devi

Phoolan Devi has not been awarded with any award, but Phoolan Devi has been given ‘Goddess‘ And ‘bandit queen was given the title of Two books were also written on the life of Phoolan Devi named ‘flowering Goddess: The autobiography off bandit queen of India and The bandit queen off India: n Indian Woman was | A film based on the life of Phoolan Devi was also made whose name was bandit queen In which the journey of Phoolan Devi’s life is shown and this film made on Phoolan Devi won many awards.

Phoolan Devi’s married life and death

Phoolan Devi was married twice. Phoolan Devi’s first marriage was Phoolan’s Eleven (Eleven) a man three times his age at the age of puttilal Sailor happened from

Phoolan Devi second marriage hope Lion who did from 2004 And 2009 The elections were fought on the ticket of the Indian National Congress.

Phoolan Devi had a love affair with two other men. |

26 July 2001” Afternoon 1:30 At that time, Phoolan Devi was shot dead by three masked gunmen outside her Delhi bungalow. Phoolan Devi was shot nine times in the head, chest, shoulder and right arm. Phoolan Devi was taken to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital but was declared brought dead. Phoolan Devi 37 He took his last breath at the age of

The prime suspect, Sher Singh Rana, later surrendered to the police. Sher Singh Rana reportedly claimed that he had killed Phoolan Devi to take revenge on the upper-caste people who opened fire in the Behmai massacre.14 August 2014Sher Singh Rana was sentenced to jail and life imprisonment by the court.

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