Telugu Lyrics: O Manasaa, Venky with english translation

O Manasaa, Venky
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Singers: Venu, Sumangali
Lyrics: Sahiti

O manasa …: O manasa
Your intoxicating naughty old age
O manasa ….: O manasa, do you know that you will give me yours?
Will my art come true …. in these moments
That … proves the truth … with my lips
Cheli cheli … sukhalani … ilage sagani || o manasa ||

Hmmm, let’s just say I’ve seen better
Padanisa is something that speaks in a sweet voice in the mind
Smoothing the winds in rhythm
I want to meet you like a moving river
I have to mix myself with you, putting my hand like a vine
Cheru is my hug when there are so many beautiful comforts
O manasa …

Hmmm … did you hide the shiny blue sea sheep yesterday?
Scattered pale forehead touches milk foam
Manase koru madhuvulake now we have to find where
We must all work together to reach the goal
Priya Priya wants to belong to you who escapes like a pedestal
O manasa …..

O Manasaa O Manasaa
Nee chope mathekkinche konte vayasaa
oo manasaa oo manasaa
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ee kshanaalaloo
aa nijam niroopinchanaa
naa pedhaalatho
Chelii chelii sukhaalane ilaage saaganii
oo manasaa oo manasa
Nee chope mathekkinche konte vayasaa
oo manasaa oooo manasaa
nuvvante nenenani neeku thelusa
ohhh yegasey alala jadilo
yedhalo edhoo gusa gusaa
madhilo madhura swarame
Follow the instructions ….
Layalo hoyalu melivesthu
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lathalaa cheyi penavesthu
I’m not sure
maree maree ..manoharii ..
sukhaala vela cheru naa kougili

oo manasaa

oh merise neeli kadali
kurula ninney dhaalchanaa
chedhire letha nudhure
paala nurugai thaakanaa
manase koru madhuvulake
ika manakoo chotey vethakaali
okatai cheru thanuvulake
mari manamoo dharee choopaali
priyaa priyaa pedhaalilaa
Thapinchipoye neeke chendhalaniii

oo manasaa

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