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Agriculture is done by the farmer for the production of crops. Agriculture includes fruits, vegetables, variety of cereals, floriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries. All this work is done by the farmer. If there are no farmers then it will be difficult for all of us to live. Vegetables and grains are present in the markets because farmers grow crops by working hard. It feels very bad that despite India being an agricultural country, the condition of the farmers is not so good. Farmers do not get the respect they should get in our country. It is very sad to see this.

The production of food items is basically called agriculture. Agriculture is called agriculture in English. Agriculture is made up of two words. Growing crops on a part of the land is called agriculture.

Farmers get up early in the morning and get ready after taking a bath. He leaves with his lunch box. India is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the main occupation of India. Indian agriculture is dependent on monsoon rains. However, science has played an important role in agriculture. Therefore, new methods of irrigation have come, using which the fields are irrigated.

Agriculture is an important source of employment. Farmer’s life is simple. He works hard continuously. He wakes up in the morning to complete his daily work. He faces all the seasons whether it is scorching sun or severe cold. He leads a hard life and works hard day and night with honesty.

Sometimes they have to face many problems due to less rainfall and non-availability of irrigation facilities. Due to limited agricultural resources, farmers remain vacant for some time in a year. They do not get any kind of work. In such a situation, they become unemployed and they have to face many problems.

Due to the increase in population day by day, there is a bad effect on the earth and it gets fragmented. Because of this, machines are not used on the farms. The agricultural production of the country is very low as compared to the rest of the country. The government and the agriculture department need to focus on this subject.

Farmers have to use many agricultural tools like plough, spade, shovel, hoop, bullock, tractor. Farmers have to prepare the soil well to grow the crop and have to plow it.

Earthworms and small beneficial organisms living in the soil increase the fertile power of the soil. These creatures are friends of farmers and develop the fertile power of the soil. Plowing of the field is done with plough, hoe, etc.

Khatto is sown. Good quality seeds are sown during sowing. By tying the Orna behind the plow, the seed is established in the earth. Sowing by seed drill is beneficial. This consumes less time and effort. It is important to keep a distance between the two seeds. This allows each plant to get both sun and light. It is necessary to use fertilizer for the seeds. Fertilizer is a nutrient that is essential for plants. It contains essential chemicals like oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium etc. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers should be used in the right quantity. Otherwise it can be harmful. Different amounts of fertilizers are used for each type of plant.

ancient agriculture

It is an ancient type of farming system, in which farmers grow their crops. Farmers can produce food for their needs and not sell it. In India this type of agriculture is done in states like Kerala, Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal.

mixed farming

In this type of agriculture, both animal husbandry and farming are done together.

jhuming agriculture

In this type of agriculture, agriculture is done by burning forests and plants. In this type of agriculture, the land is cleared and agriculture is done for two to three years. After that agriculture is done in other places.

In some agriculture, crops like tea, rubber are grown. This is called plantation agriculture. When four decisions are grown in a year in the same field, it is called relay cropping.

Commercial farming requires a large area. This type of farming is mostly done in urban areas like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Haryana and Gujarat.

Soil moisture is low in dry land cultivation. In India this type of farming is mostly done in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Plantation agriculture is the cultivation which is done on land for at least one year. It is also known as commercial farming as these crops are mostly used in factories or small scale industries. In India, plantation agriculture is mostly popular in Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Karnataka, Bihar. The progress of some industries is dependent on agriculture. There are many industries like jute, cotton, sugarcane, textile which are dependent on agriculture.


Agricultural development is very important for the progress and economy of the country. Agricultural development is very important to take the country to a successful place. It is necessary to improve the economic condition of the farmers. The government should do a lot for them so that they do not go through economic problems. Although the government has done work on its part for agricultural development but it is not enough. There is a need for new and developed agricultural equipment so that every farmer can do farming with good and new techniques.

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