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PrefaceThere are various means of entertainment for the enjoyment of human beings. It is such an entertainment program in which humans, animals and birds perform various programs. People are very happy to see all these tricks and stunts. All the programs of the circus are full of entertainment and joy. The circus is organized in a big way. Here games full of adventure are shown to the people. A ticket is required to see the circus.

I have also seen Circus twice. People gather to see the circus. I had seen such a circus full of entertainment with my family in South Kolkata. According to the seats, you have to pay for the ticket. Front seat is expensive. Soon the entire stage was packed with people. Initially some boys started performing tricks wearing unique and colorful outfits.

After sometime some clowns came and started tickling the people with their different style. Jokers made everyone laugh a lot. He used to play with the balls and perform amazing feats. Jokers make people laugh by making different faces. Children and adults are happy to see all the clowns. All the people were having a lot of fun. Suddenly a person carrying a motorcycle started doing stunts in the middle of the fire. It is terrible and they have to train hard for it. One mistake can put a person’s life at risk. The performers who perform various feats in the circus work hard so that the audience enjoys it.

Different animals also perform different tricks in the circus. Two elephants were coming on a bicycle keeping their balance and were doing tricks with the help of their feet and trunk. After some time some girls came and started juggling on the high swings. Although a net is laid below that if anyone accidentally falls down, they should not get hurt.

Many types of gymnastics events take place on the stage. Boys and girls all do this type of gymnastics in the circus. He maintains his balance and performs feats for a long time. They go from swing to swing and music is also played at the same time.

Elephants entertained everyone by playing cricket and football. The riskiest feat is the trapeze. The audience praised the feats of the lion and the monkey. The bear also showed unique feats by riding a bike. The animals are well taken care of so that they do not suffer.

Boys and girls performed a lot of tricks with the iron circular ring and entertained all of us. Some artists showed books by standing and sitting on the trains.

We can also see the circus on TV. Some actors on television do amazing stunts while sitting and standing on the same bicycle. They are seen doing tricks even with a stick on a thin rope. All these artists learn the stunts with diligence and dedication over many years. After that, with full confidence, perform the feat in front of the audience. The atmosphere of the circus is colorful and full of danger. All feats are performed with caution and vigilance.

All the juggling performers wear colorful outfits. Some artists dance standing on a steel wire. Downstairs the band plays their song. When the lions enter the stage, the fun triples. They too were juggling on the orders of the Ring Master. Shiro jumped from inside the ring and everyone was silent with his roar and looked at him. The lion was following the orders of the circus artists and performed well. With this the circus program came to an end and all the spectators applauded. He expressed his happiness with applause.


Circus game has become less than before but even today people are excited to see the circus. Circus is popular in many countries. Many people like me are always ready to watch circus-like entertainment. All the artists who perform here deserve less praise than they can be. It is a difficult task to make people laugh but this artist does it very well.

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