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The generation gap can be seen in every era. When children grow up, they make their own decisions at a young age. A difference arises between the thinking of the youth and the thinking of their parents. This is called generation gap or generation gap. It has been seen many times that there is a difference in the thinking of the younger generation and the older generation. There is bound to be different thinking in every era. For this reason, disputes arise in many places and situations.

There comes a time in every generation where there is a difference of opinion. Many times the youth feel that the thinking of their parents is old. They feel that they do not understand their thoughts. This is the reason why differences can be seen. For example children like to listen to new, pop songs. At the same time, his parents like to listen to old songs and bhajans. When the people of the old generation used to meet each other, they used to say hello, in today’s world, the people of the new generation say hello, hello. In earlier times there was no mobile phone, so people could give time to their loved ones. Nowadays people get active on mobile as soon as they get free time. In real life, the new generation does not interact with people as much as they do online. Generation gap has become common.

Today’s youth are not much interested in devotional songs etc. When parents explain religious importance to them, they do not give importance to them. They like to have fun with their friends in their spare time. Not that everyone is like this. There are some boys and girls who make their own decisions and at the same time respect the decisions of their parents and elders.

Today’s youth and young women spend more money. When elders suggest them to save money, they do not like it. Nowadays due to generation gap, joint families are dividing. Nowadays families are getting smaller. There is a great difference in the thinking of the members of the new generation and the members of the old generation. That’s why there are differences in the family. Then people live in different families. Wishing well for older children. If the family members will respect each other’s thinking, then living together will not be difficult.

Earlier everyone lived together in large and joint families. When everyone’s thoughts did not meet each other, people started living in nuclear families. Old generation people use their mother tongue and Hindi. On the other hand, the people of the new age talk more in English and the people of the older generation have difficulty in understanding the English language. Today’s new generation boys and girls wear new fashion clothes and shoes etc. The people of the older generation lead a simple life and like to wear simple clothes. Difference is found from dialect to language.

Young generation wants to live according to their wish. Many times he considers the advice given by the elders to be interference in his life. He misunderstands elders and wants to live life freely. The good things of elders start feeling like a ban on them. Sometimes even adults do not understand their children. Because of this a difference arises between the two generations. Because of this, joint families break up.

To bridge the generation gap, both the generations need to understand each other. Doing your own arbitrariness creates disharmony. The new generation should respect the old way. The right things and advice given by the older generation should be considered. If children are doing something wrong then along with explaining them, they need to be explained.

In the olden times, women were more involved in household chores. She used to perform all the duties as a housewife. Today in the new age girls are getting educated and walking shoulder to shoulder with men. Earlier, the family did not like girls to be more educated. Today girls are doing their best in every field.

The new generation people do not want restrictions in their lives. He does not understand that elders want and care for him. Today’s generation considers itself better. He forgets the values ​​and values ​​acquired by his generation. Patience is less visible in the new generation and they lag behind in maintaining relationships. An example is the early breakdown of marriages. Mutual harmony and trust is decreasing in relationships.

In today’s families, when the daughter-in-law enters a new house, she does not like the restraint of her mother-in-law in many places. However, both the generations should walk with each other with understanding.


Actually the problem also happens in the new and old way also. Both the generations want to do the same work in different ways and there the differences start. The youth should understand that the elders of their house want their well being. The elders should also not impose any thing or any kind of desire on them. Elders should also leave them sometimes so that their children can understand their words with a calm mind. In such a situation, the youth will understand their words and will not get confused.

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