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Money is such a source through which we can buy any item whenever we want and at the same time fulfill our needs. Through money, human beings fulfill innumerable needs like food items, daily necessities, admission in school, college, going to some place, traveling etc. He who has more money and money is more powerful. In ancient times people used coins like gold and silver as money. A lot has changed today. Today man uses notes, coins and e-currency as money.

There is no person who does not need money. Money is very much needed for a good social life. The basic need of man is food, clothes and shelter. All these needs can be fulfilled only when one has money. Man also needs money for good education and good health. Some kind of entertainment is needed like TV and music etc., money has to be spent for that too.

Man needs money for happiness and prosperity. People need their own car to travel, for that they have to spend money. Some people have big factories, land, diamonds, gold. These are all different forms of wealth. Those who have money, they get a lot of respect in the society. He takes very good care of his family members. You can enroll your children in good and reputed schools and colleges. Those who have money, all people try to maintain a good relationship with them. appreciates them.

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When we have enough money, we stay away from all kinds of financial troubles. Somewhere in life, money is needed to be happy. Those who have more money, they do charity along with earning money.

Those who work hard, they get money. People eat good food when they have money. They get nutritious food. People who are poor, they lack money, due to which they are not able to take food for two times. He falls ill because of not getting good food.

On having money, human beings easily buy all the things of their daily needs like fridge, microwave, car, mobile etc. . Whereas poor people lack money, due to which they are deprived of these amenities.

If a person has to travel anywhere and has money, then he can travel comfortably in first class compartment. Those who do not have money, they have to travel by pushing in the general compartment of the railway. A rich person can travel to any part of the world. Because money is needed to get every kind of service and entertainment.

If the money is more then a person can easily build big buildings. Those who are short of money have to live on a rented house. Money has innumerable benefits that can make a person’s life a happy one. The greed of money sometimes makes people do wrong things.

When people do not get a job according to their mind, then they try to earn money illegally. They start committing crimes like theft, robbery, kidnapping, murder and ruin their own future.

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Due to this many people also lose their lives. Making money through violence and wrong way is absolutely wrong. Money also becomes a crime somewhere. For the purpose of earning money, government employees turn away from their responsibilities. He adopts wrong policy like corruption to earn money. This is the reason why there is a scam in government money, which we all are aware of.

Wealthy traders get poor workers in their factories for less money. exploit the poor workers. Despite having so much money, they exploit the poor workers. Due to this they have to pay less money to the workers.

Dowry system is the practice of greed for money. In this, the boys demand more dowry than the girls. Under the guise of a sacred bond like marriage, this wrongful crime can be seen in many parts of the country even today. Some people sell drugs in the greed of money. This spoils the future of the coming generation of the country.


The importance of money has become supreme in the life of man. Everyone works hard day and night so that he can earn more money and give happiness to his family. In today’s present age, one who has wealth is very powerful.


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