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I am from Kolkata city. I grew up in the city of Kolkata. Earlier Kolkata was called Calcutta. A few years back the name of this city was changed to Kolkata. Kolkata is called the City of Joy. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. It is a city where all kinds of festivals are celebrated. The city of Kolkata is making a lot of progress. The people here perform their best in all fields like education, music and dance. Tourists from abroad and other states come to see this city and appreciate this city. There are many places of interest in Kolkata which fascinates the mind. There is a famous Kali temple in Kolkata where crowds of devotees throng.

Kolkata is one of the popular metropolis of India. This is a very beautiful metropolis where it is a great pleasure to visit. The people here are very friendly. There was a time when Kolkata used to be the capital of India. Kolkata is a very colorful and happy city. Delicious food is available here. Many types of sweets are found here like Sandesh, Rasgulla, Mishti Doi etc. The National Library of our country ie National Library is also located in Kolkata.

The Howrah Bridge here is decorated with lights at night. The bridge that connects Kolkata and Howrah is called Howrah Bridge. The view of Howrah Bridge in front of the Ganges River at night looks very beautiful. Howrah Bridge is the means of movement of more than one lakh means of transport every day. Every day countless people walk through this bridge on foot. The traffic has become very easy because of this bridge. The oldest zoo of our country is present in Kolkata. Every day people come here to visit the zoo. Howrah Bridge is the main center of sightseeing in Kolkata.

Eden Gardens in Kolkata is a huge stadium where countless international cricket games are played. All the books of the world are found in the College Street market of Kolkata. At many shops here, people sell old books to the people for less money. People can be seen reading books at many book shops here.

The first metro train in India ran in Kolkata. Most of the people in Kolkata travel by metro rail. Many great men were born in Kolkata. Everyone knows the great poet Shri Rabindranath Tagore here. Who does not know about the poems, stories and novels written by him.

Kolkata has the famous Victoria Memorial which reminds us of the Victorian era. It is built on about 65 acres of land. There is a green garden around the Victoria Memorial which makes the heart happy. The beauty of the Victoria Memorial building increases at night. Many information related to history is obtained here. The museum here is informative. The Victoria Memorial is illuminated in the evening, making it more beautiful.

The world’s largest planetarium is in Kolkata. Its name is Birla Planetarium i.e. Planetarium. It houses an electronics laboratory, astronomy gallery and astronomical models.

There is a famous museum in Kolkata which is very much liked by the people. There is a collection of many old objects, and pictures related to history etc. There is a library here which deals with history. People who are interested in history will like this book very much.

The beautiful sarees of Kolkata are liked across the country. The business of these beautiful sarees is also done abroad. The Bengali food of Kolkata is very tasty. I love the macher jhol and aloo posto here.

Many shows are organized regularly in Birla Planetarium. These shows are conducted and broadcast in Hindi, English, Bengali and other languages. Amazing information is given about the nine planets during the show. Details are given on other celestial bodies in the universe. Here people can get knowledge related to planets, celestial bodies and science. Because of these features, it is very much liked by the tourists.

There is a beautiful Birla Mandir in Kolkata. The construction of this temple started in the year 1970 and was completed after about twenty six years. It is also one of the famous sightseeing places. The idols of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Vishnu and Goddess Durga are present here. It is a good place for tourists and pilgrimage people. Many devotees participate in the festivals here.

Park Street is one of the popular sightseeing places in Kolkata. On the occasion of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Park Street is decorated in a grand manner. From big five star hotels, restaurants to night clubs are present here. Most of the family and friends come here to meet each other. It is a fun place and has one of the largest restaurants.


I have grown up in this city since childhood. This city makes all the people its own. This city celebrates all the festivals and the atmosphere of this city is always pleasant. The belongingness of the people of this city touches my heart. That’s why this city is close to my heart. Every countryman must visit Kolkata city.

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