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The life of a soldier is very difficult. Their life is full of risks. He is fearless and a true patriot. He is always deployed for the security of the country. He serves the country with full devotion. He is always alert and careful and rescues the country’s enemies for sixes. He is stationed on the border of the country and guards the country and us citizens from enemies. It is the responsibility of the soldiers to always protect the country and the countrymen. We salute the soldiers for their bravery.

There are innumerable challenges in the life of a soldier. When the country is in trouble, he feels free to sacrifice his life. We citizens of the country are engaged in the concerns related to ourselves and families, while the soldier is engaged in the defense of the country every moment. Before becoming a soldier, he undergoes rigorous training. Soldiers know their responsibility and for them the country is bigger than their family. Soldiers protect the country by standing on the snowy mountains and on the borders day and night. He can handle any weather problems.

The soldier is not worried about hunger and thirst. The soldier faces his enemy with restraint. Even if shot, he fights with the enemy till his last breath. He does not panic even in the most difficult situations and does not hold back in sacrificing his life.

Soldiers do not lose their patience even in the most difficult situations. Even if the enemy country imprisons him for some reason, then in any condition he does not give any information related to the security of his country, even if his life is lost. Even if his life is surrounded by troubles, but he Never let any information fall into the hands of the enemy country.

Soldiers face the attacks of the enemies fearlessly in battle. He never leaves the field and runs away. Courage and fearlessness are special and priceless qualities of a soldier. He is martyred like a hero and attains martyrdom. We are proud of the soldiers of our country. The more praise his courage can be, the less it is.

Soldiers always lead a disciplined life. He does everything on time. When any trouble comes, he faces terrible trouble along with all the soldiers. The soldier does all the work on time. Soldiers complete their tasks and duties on time. Soldiers protect the country without caring about their lives. There are always clouds of danger hovering over the lives of soldiers. He attacks enemies with intelligence, restraint, force and defeats their nefarious intentions.

Soldiers make many sacrifices in their life and their whole life is focused for the security of the country. The attention of soldiers is always on the security of their country, they do not care much about their personal life.

The training of soldiers is full of difficulties. Some people are recruited for training, but seeing such a strict training, their senses are blown away and they leave the training in the middle and run away. Passed through rigorous training.

Soldiers always have to wear uniforms and their hair is cut short. He works hard every day and constantly guards the borders of the country and identifies unknown persons, vehicles. He fulfills his responsibility with full devotion and in the meantime he also dies while fighting a war. A soldier is considered a hero. If it was not for him, the country and common citizens would never be safe.


The government honors soldiers for their bravery. Only a man who loves the country unlimitedly can become a soldier. To become a soldier, one has to sacrifice his family too. The first duty of a soldier is towards his country. We salute the soldiers of India and respect them from our heart. If there were no soldiers, we too would not be able to lead a normal life in peace.

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