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The Corona crisis has persisted since last year till now. Many families across the world have lost their loved ones due to Corona. Every day people are dying due to corona everywhere. However, to overcome this situation, the Medical and Health Department is rescuing the patients with full dedication. Doctors and nurses are serving the patients throughout the day so that they become healthy. Vaccines are being given to people to get relief from Corona. Corona has snatched away sociality. Many relatives are unable to visit their loved ones despite their death. To deal with Corona, it is important to maintain social distance. We are following all the rules to deal with the epidemic like Corona.

People are going out only when there is a need, otherwise they are studying from home to office and children through online classes. There is also a part who has to go out due to hospital, bank and business. We cannot meet our loved ones and friends during festival time. They can be contacted by phone only. All this change has happened due to the corona pandemic.

Due to social distance, distance is coming in the relationships of people. He is not able to go to console his relatives on the death or to bid them last farewell. The interaction with the people has become negligible. When people are staying outside for some work, they are keeping distance from each other. Social relationships are getting hurt due to the pandemic.

The corona virus has destroyed the social nature of human beings. He is unable to share in the happiness and sorrow of the people. Earlier people used to participate in each other’s happiness and sorrow which has become non-existent now. The reason for this is the attack of the corona epidemic on mankind.

The economy of the country has been affected a lot due to the corona pandemic. Business etc. remained closed for several months as the time of lockdown was going on. Traders have suffered a lot. Last year, due to the lockdown, the workers had to go back to their villages on foot. The poor laborers have to face a lot of hardships. Due to the lockdown, many people are not getting employment opportunities.

Due to the corona pandemic, students are unable to go to school and college. Students are getting education through online classes. Scientists made a lot of efforts so that he could overcome this time, but at present there is no solution other than social distance, and mask, vaccination. Scientists are also not able to take concrete steps to stop it, but they are doing research every day. The whole world is facing a terrible crisis due to which there are negative effects in the society. People have forgotten to embrace their loved ones in festivals. Everyone is confined to their homes.

People have become more aware than before, so they are taking necessary precautions to get rid of the Corona crisis. Not only our country but the whole world has faced countless problems due to Corona crisis. Many people lost their jobs during this crisis and had to face financial problems. Emerging from all the troubles, all the people are trying to live life in a safe way.

Due to Corona, the colors of the festivals fade away. People are unable to give each other the best wishes of Eid, Holi, Diwali. These days it is the alarm that people are afraid to hug each other and even go far away from each other.

Lockdown-like situation arose many times during the Corona period. In such a situation, all the members of the house remained locked in the house together and they got a chance to spend time together. The working hours of women have increased due to all the members living in their homes. They have to handle all the work from home, office and household. Now everyone has learned to live in this crisis situation. During the Corona crisis, people are keeping cleanliness and taking better care of their health.


Society cannot be imagined without man. The corona pandemic has left man alone. As soon as man overcomes the corona crisis, we all hope that everything will be as before. When everything is fine, people will start living a normal life.

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