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side effects of plastic bags


Today we are in the scientific age, we experience this while living in this age. And we see that science has been given to us as a boon. So even as a curse it is no less for us. We have seen. And we have also accepted. That the boon and curse side of science is from the point of view of our utility. Therefore science is considered to be a sheer boon. Or it will prove to be our utter foolishness to understand it as a curse, thus whether it is a boon or a curse depends on our utility. In this context, we are taking a plastic bag.

Use of plastic in our life

Here we know very well that plastic has no less importance in the gift of science. Today its effect has increased so much.
That it has become an integral part of our daily necessity. The main reason why it has become so convenient is that plastic appears to be a cheaper and more convenient commodity than expensive and difficult-to-acquire items such as brass and copper. Therefore, the production of plastic has been increased by all the countries of the world. It seems that its production has increased from 30 to 35 lakhs. This is the reason that the production of plastic is increasing continuously in the nature of its consumption.

The reason for the continuous growth of the production of plastic is its increasing utility. It has an important place in the progress that plastic has made in every sphere of our life. It would be somehow fair and true to say that today polythene has spread its shadow all over the world. Today there will be hardly any person who has not heard the name of polythene nor who has not seen polythene. The truth is that polythene has become a household item of great necessity.

Harmful color and material in the manufacture of polythene

Different types of colors are used to make polythene as per the requirement. Colorful envelopes are made by mixing pigments of many colors in polythene. Like other areas of life, the role of polythene bags in agriculture is also visible. has been In this way, agriculture is presenting its greater and wider utility in the field. We are seeing that in developed countries, an inextricable and close relationship between plastic bags and agriculture has been established. Farmers of many countries of Europe including America, Japan and Israel. has taken every possible advantage and use of plastic bags. Other developing countries have also started running in this and their own way. In this respect our country India is also not behind. The merchants including the farmers here have also started its utility on a very large scale.

Too much is always harmful.

We have made it clear that the two sides of science are the side of boon and the side of curse. Science exhibition bags are proving to be very useful and harmful in comparison to the things provided by nature. In other words, the usefulness of plastic bags has started hurting us in some way or the other.

When we consider the reasons for the harmful effects of plastic bags. Then we find that plastic bags do not have the ability to decompose naturally, this pollution problem gets strengthened. As a result, the problem of pollution and It has started getting terrible. This has started affecting our health. Gradually this problem has started creating a huge pollution for the environment.

Disadvantages of polythene from production to use

We can say about the harms caused by plastic bags. From the processes of production to the various methods of use, it is one of the major causes of pollution. It is true that plastic bags are made from pure carbon-containing chemical substances. Therefore, when their production process starts, at that time it starts leaking gases, it not only has a bad effect on the health of the workers, as well as the environment is also not able to live without being affected, its producer is well- It is well known that at the time of production of those bags, toxic factors like phosgene, formaldehyde, are used. Due to which cancer, skin and health related diseases arise, as well as the environment is not able to live without becoming toxic.

After use, plastic bags are thrown here and there in the pits and drains, they spread pollution, it clogs the drains and pits, it is difficult to destroy them. Affects the process of photosynthesis. Plastic bags left in water also cause many types of serious problems.


In fact, today plastic bags are proving to be worrying for environmentalists. Based on the recommendations accepted.

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