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Time is important for our life. And holding on to time is the biggest key to success in life. One of the best qualities is a man who follows punctuality. This is such a habit. Which are most helpful in making us successful. As said by Nelson Mandela. I am indebted to time loyalty for my success in life. Punctuality makes us popular in our daily life, social life, and business life.

time is limited in our life

It is true that God has given a limited time in our life. And the amount of time he has given to us. Staying in that time, we have to do all our work. There are some good and some bad deeds in this. Good deeds take us to the heights. And those who do bad deeds. They come to know in time that they have done wrong deeds. Here the same proverb is meaningful “Now Would you have repented when the bird devoured the field?
That’s why we should always complete our work on time by looking at the good work and the utility of time. If we are lazy in doing work, then all our work is not completed properly. And people do not like us for every task in our life like going to school, playing office, sleeping, waking up, every work if we If we consider time to be valuable, then it definitely makes us achieve success in our life.

time is a valuable commodity

Time is a valuable commodity as well as a valuable wealth. Money keeps coming and going in our life. There is money today, there is no tomorrow, it will happen again day after day, but the time that has gone out of hand does not come back. The value of time is known to the one who has done every work on time. Time has no value. But once this time is lost from our hands, we cannot bring it back even if we want to.

Therefore, think about the morning’s work in the night itself, and decide about the day’s work in the morning itself. Will happen. .Because time is very valuable.

importance of time

The importance of time is the biggest need of our life. If we give importance to time today, then it will also give importance to us today. Otherwise, when the importance of time is gone, it will be of no use. Make goals. Do each work according to the goal, understand the importance of time and set its priority. Make a list of small tasks and decide the work that has to be done first, with time. With the importance of work, save your time as well. like –

don’t be lazy

If you want to move forward in life. And you have also set your goal, then never be lazy. Because laziness is the biggest enemy of man. So drive away laziness.

don’t put off work

Postponing any work proves to be harmful for us. For example suppose you have to jam the electricity or any ir. And its date is also fixed. But asp do that oath after the date. What will happen to you? Will be charged for it. Therefore, do not think about postponing the work. And avoid its loss.

greed for nothing

According to the importance of time, never be greedy for anything, if you have greed for something, then you will fall behind that thing and when the time comes, you will not get that thing, then you will be very sad, so no one Avoid greed too.

Don’t postpone today’s work for tomorrow

Never postpone your work, the work that has to be done today. Do it today, do not postpone it for tomorrow.
For example, can’t you postpone today’s food to tomorrow?

internet and mobile

Internet and mobile have become the necessity of our life in today’s date. But it wastes our time in vain, so it should be used only when it is needed.

set limits for any

It is very necessary to make good use of time that we should set a time limit for every work. Any work done at a given time always keeps ahead in life.

good use of time

With the proper use of time, the thoughts of man are serious and pure. Therefore, it is our duty to take full and proper advantage of the time, play during the game and make good use of the time spent while studying. And man touches the heights of life.


Time is precious Time has been considered as the most important and valuable money in the world. Therefore, we should not waste this valuable money i.e. time. Because the time gone by does not come back, there is a saying about it that

“The time spent doesn’t come back
Time waits for no one.”

The importance of time is also clear from the fact that if money is lost, it can be earned again, if health is lost, it can also be recovered. But if time gets out of hand, then it cannot come, the person who makes good use of time. And understands the value of this precious commodity. He can never fail in life.

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